La Placita Cinco

Welcome Home to La Placita Cinco

Welcome home to La Placita Cinco, a new construction, affordable community in Santa Ana!

The new residential development will be a four-level single structure building with 3 bedroom units targeted for familiy sizes between 4 - 7 people at 60% of the Area Median Income.

Rental Rate is $1,931 per month for all 3 bedroom units. Ask how to receive TWO WEEKS FREE!

The new residential building will include structured, secured parking, on-site management offices, services offices, computer lab, and ample community space for services programming. A second-floor residential lounge connects to a landscaped courtyard, providing playground equipment, outdoor kitchen, and an artificial turf play surface.

Residents will also benefit from the provision of on-site services through Mercy House. Service Programs will be designed to meet the specific needs of the residents and at minimum will include a Service Coordinator and adult educational, health and wellness, or skill building classes. This includes but is not limited to financial literacy, computer training, home-buyer education, resume building, ESL, nutrition, exercise, on-site food cultivation and preparation, and smoking cessation classes.

We are now accepting applications.

*All Applications will be reviewed for completeness and first priority shall be given to persons who are either Residents of Santa Ana, or working in Santa Ana 32 hrs p/wk for at least 6 months.


Call or Text Now: (714) 706-1782